There are several ways to present your products so that your customers can appreciate every aspect of your goods.  Industry standard focuses on three particular types of product photos / packshots:  hollowman (ghost mannequin), flat and on cube.

We take great care in presenting your products in their best possible light and through our large production facilities can maintain a personal, highly qualitative approach on even the largest of orders.

HOLLOWMAN  – ghost mannequin photos

The industry standard for clothing, our photographers have a knack for shooting products on mannequins so that they look perfect.  The mannequin is not visible in the photography and is referred to as a Hollowman.  This gives the appearance that the article is floating, yet sitting perfectly upright, in space.  The article is the shot from a variety of angles, as well as detail photographs being taken, so you can choose the best possible product photos / pack shots for your website and sales channels.

Hollowman Product Photo Packages:  4 Photos from just 29€*

PIXEO STUDIOS for Champion System, Lotto / 004, APART Fashion

FLAT SURFACE – product photos flat on a surface

A flat surface can be used as well, which provides wonderful texture to the photography.  The article is styled so as to show it’s best attributes and then shot accordingly.  This style feels very approachable, with the products looking like the customer has just laid them out flat themselves for their wardrobe.

Flat Surface Product Photo Packages:  4 Photos for just 29€

PIXEO STUDIOS for Gobi Cashmere, Rosena, Burda Senator Verlag, Sigikid

CUBE- product photos / packshots on a white cube

A stylish alternative and preferred by a number of larger sales platforms, these photos position the product on the front corner of a large cube.  This drives focus to the product.  This approach is particularly wonderful for bags, glasses, shoes and anything that sits upright.  We can even shoot against one of the fantastic backgrounds that you’ve chosen from our extensive catalogue of sets and backgrounds, ensuring continuity between your model photos, your model videos and your product photos.

Cube Product Photo Packages:  4 Photos for just 29€

PIXEO STUDIOS for Bernardo Bossi, INUOVO

If you’re interesting in presenting your products on a great selection of models you will find more information here, or, if seeing your products in moving image is more your thing, follow this link.